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  1. I recall holding a staff meeting at a magazine I ran and not recognizing I was sitting on my right leg the entire time. Quality and revenue was slipping, so I lit into everyone pretty hard. By the end they were all kind of quiet and shellshocked. I wanted to give them time talk amongst themselves, so I stood up to leave the room, except my right leg was jelly. I fell backward into the chair, which tipped over. Another banner day in my professional career.

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    • First of all, mucho RESPECT to you for that AWESOME display of hilarity that I’m sure you (as well as your staff) can look back and have a good laugh at! Second of all, I have moments like that all the time. I was once taken aback when a guy I was interviewing at a local event (I report for a local newspaper) decided it was appropriate to hug me (which it definitely wasn’t – I no likey to be touched), so I jumped back so violently that I knocked over a bunch of tables at the event…. Everyone there stopped what they were doing to stare at me. It was splendidly awkward and I regret nothing…. 😉

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