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Amped-Up Anxiety: When a Crisis Has Your Bacon All Out of Whack

I’ve been in flippin’ fantastic Baconator status for a long while now. I was meditating and journaling every day, I was thinking positive thoughts, I had just started seeing this really nice guy, I finally had my finances (somewhat) in order, and I was feeling sexy as shit.  Enter the coronavirus. Suddenly, my thoughts turned…

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Fee-Fi-Fo-Family: Should You Feel Guilty for Not Getting Along With Family?

At some point or another, each of us is plagued by that one relative (or group of relatives) with whom we just can’t seem to get along. The conversations are awkward, we have nothing in common with them, they subtly (or not-so-subtly) insult us, they get all giddy and gossipy when they find out you…

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Who Am I? The Nasty Narcissist Effect That Makes You Forget What Your Bacon Tastes Like

Why am I not more high-class, boujee, and shit? I should be more into sports. I’m bitchy and overbearing. I’m not the funny one, I belong on the sidelines. My testes are itchy… Wait, I don’t have any… WHY DON’T I HAVE TESTES, I’M SUCH A FAILURE!!!! These are just (mild) examples of thoughts that…

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