Introducing My Spiritual Life Coaching Program: Interpersonal Clarity (Yes, I’m a Bona Fide, Certified Coach, Y’all!)

Been wondering where I’ve been? Well, now you know! (Ok, so this isn’t the ONLY reason I’ve been MIA… but let me have this one, Karen.)

Years of personal/mental growth, education, work experiences, life experiences, good and bad friendships, and a Rolodex of toxic romantic relationships have finally led me here.

I have officially launched Interpersonal Clarity: my unique Spiritual Life Coaching program.

This has been a loooooooong time coming…

Below is an overview of what my Interpersonal Clarity Spiritual Life Coaching program is all about.

What is “Interpersonal Clarity”?

I teach Interpersonal Communication at the college level. One of the assignments I recently gave my students was to write reflection papers about what class concepts they relate to the most and why. Almost every single student expressed the same two insights: “Everyone should take an interpersonal communication class,” and “I never realized how negative my self-perception was and how it has affected my relationships.”

Hence, Interpersonal Clarity was born.

Interpersonal Clarity isn’t your typical spiritual life coaching program. Yes, it helps you align with what we refer to as your “Higher Self,” and guides you in manifesting the 5 levels of balance in your life: Self, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical.

But Interpersonal Clarity adds a unique focus: interpersonal relationships.

What constitutes an “interpersonal relationship”? Simple: family, friends, romantic partners… these are ALL interpersonal relationships. These all require basic communication skills used to make a connection with others.

One of the top causes of low self-esteem (if not the #1 cause) is loneliness. We were all born with a desire to be loved. A desire for connection. A desire for acceptance.

This desire is so strong that, unfortunately, it often draws us to not-so-great people and causes us to overlook toxic behavior in all of our interpersonal relationships.

And we don’t even realize the behavior is toxic. (Or we don’t want to see it for what it is because we’re so afraid of rejection and loneliness.)

As a result, the way we view ourselves suffers. Our self-esteem plummets, we blame ourselves for everything, and then we continue the pattern of gravitating toward these toxic relationships. The cycle goes on and on…

Interpersonal Clarity does exactly what’s in the name: it provides Clarity to your interpersonal relationships. It helps you see things for what they are; understand WHY they are as they are, and recognize who YOU are and what YOU deserve.

I am VERY excited about this…

Here’s the best part: I’m offering an exclusive 20% discount on any Interpersonal Clarity package to all of my Just Bacon blog followers. Simply share your interest in the comments and we’ll get you set up!

Click here to view Interpersonal Clarity packages and pricing.

Click here for a more detailed outline of the services I provide.

Click here for a full outline of my experience and credentials.

Click here to schedule a FREE 30-Minute Introductory Session.

It’s time to take that Baconator status to the next level. (May I offer you a side of Clarity to go with that Bacon?)

I can hear the sizzle now…


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