From My Bacon to Yours: Thank You

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

My bacon started this blog on a whim (not on a frying pan, surprisingly). I wanted to create a space where I could share everything I’ve learned along my ongoing mental health journey to help lift others up, both with empowering messages and humor. Over the years, I’ve found myself using my journey’s lessons to comfort and uplift members of my family. What better way to immortalize those lessons than online?

But never in a million years did I think my words could inspire others outside my family as well. 

I started Just Bacon towards the end of June and earned 58 page views for that month. In July, that number jumped to 1,100. This month, Just Bacon has received 1,700 views, and counting.

It’s not anywhere near the 100,000 daily views some blogs are generating, but to me, that’s still 1,700 people who have even just glanced at something I’ve written.

To top it off, to date, I’ve received 804 total likes and 257 comments (all of which have been shared by incredibly awesome Baconators with kind and insightful thoughts). Additionally, after creating a Pinterest page only a short while ago, I’ve tallied up over 550 followers on that platform. 

Guys and gals: seriously, the vibes that your super-hot bacon has been dishin’ out has my bacon blushing.

I really want to emphasize how grateful I am.

Thank You, You Sexy Bacon You

Thank you for taking a moment or two out of your busy day to read Just Bacon.

Thank you for allowing yourselves to grow, not strictly through Just Bacon, but through any online content that helps you embrace your bacon (i.e. your truly amazing, unaffected-by-guilt selves).

Thank you for engaging with my content, even when I divulge some very heavy and sometimes quite humorously disturbing stories about myself (sorry, Mom and Dad, not sorry).

Thank you for appreciating the “just bacon” analogy and sometimes-poorly constructed (nah, they’re always awesome) food puns. 

Thank you for sharing my content, offering suggestions, and/or giving me more channels to expand my reach.

Thank you for becoming a community I enjoy interacting with; you often make me laugh just as much as I make myself laugh when I’m writing.

But most of all, thank you for simply existing. For making a presence in the world in a way that only your bacon can. For being worthy. For being lovely, talented, strong, sexy, courageous, imperfect, weird, naturally unnatural, tough-as-nails, and deserving. For fighting the good fight every day, in your own personal struggles. 

…and for NOT being turkey bacon. (You can enjoy eating it, that’s fine, but sorry, your just-bacon awesomeness is NOT turkey bacon… I WILL NOT ALLOW IT.)

It is because of you all that I’ve decided to grow Just Bacon even more. It has inspired a business idea that I truly believe is worth something. I have no idea how to start, where to get the money, or how long it will take, but I’m determined to make it happen. 

I still have a long way to go, but Just Bacon is just getting started. 

Stay crispy, y’all!

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